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Our Media – Owned By The Elite – Written By The Elite – CLASS is BACK – 7% Rule OK

Our Media – Owned By The Elite – Written By The Elite – CLASS is BACK – 7% Rule OK

20,000 off duty police, protesting about cuts, pay and resources. Not much about this in the Rag or the Daily Lets Make Up A Story [Mail], or the dear old beeb, hmm. Very little coverage of a MAJOR story about 20,000 UK police. Our wonderful unbiased, non middle class/elitist press! Of course they are not anti working Class. The Elite in the UK make up less than 1% just below them are upper middle class at 6%. Strange how our media, even the papers I read, like the Guardian, The Independent are all written by Middle Class ex Public school graduates, who know next to nothing of the 67% of Britons who are working class. Why? College graduates from working class families are equally as talented, there are in fact many a lot MORE of them attending university, yet our media is run by ex public school middle class hacks? The Guardian has even commented on this itself. WHY?


THAT is why so many stories that we know of, that take place, that happen, but don’t fit the agenda of this middle class elitist so called journalists, never get reported. The fact that 20,000 police off duty protested should be huge news. But the scarcity of the news about it is deafening. The last couple of years have seen some massive anti austerity protests, marches, support the NHS marches, but the overall media coverage has been worse than pathetic. Just 3% of journalists now taken on across the UK are from an unskilled working class family, while 6% come from a skilled working class background. The other 90+ % are from public schools [Public/Fee Paying schools make up just 7% of all education]. So almost all of what you read, see and listen to, [TV, Press, Radio, Online] to find out about our country, our political system, our democracy are written by private school educated and of solid elitist or middle class stock.


Why Class Is Back
The 2 wars we fought, brought about equality and parity, it had to, working class were promoted to officer rank, men were thrown together from all walks of life, this bread a common factor among those who served and those suffering privations at home. Women were given jobs, freedoms unknown before, men were promoted in civilian life and in the forces on merit, change was in the air. This from both wars led to a breaking down of the old class divisions, more flexibility was wanted and expected. People expected after peace was declared that a better world, more equal, less divided would come about. It did and many things happened, the NHS, Free Dental Care, Free 3rd tier [University/College] education, decent social welfare, social housing, in fact all the things that go to make a fair and decent society.


This has been eroded first by Thatcher, then New Labour and Now Cameron and his Eton Scum who have no idea of the real world, of work, of being hungry, of life as most of us in the UK know it. How can they? Their wealth, inherited, is vast, they are part of the 1%. We are back to a divided country, with 2 distinct sets of people. Class is again an issue, we as a class have less and less say and get treated more and more unfairly, caricatured, paying more taxes, putting up with being made to feel bad, somehow worth less than that so wonderful middle class. Everything our grandparents and great grandparents fought for has vanished. We need to show we care, that we matter, that we have a voice and not let ourselves be conned again and again, by the Middle Class media and propaganda. With just 3% of our media from any kind of working class background, what can we expect?

They have even come up with a new scale of class, that includes most of the working class as middle class. See below for how our class system is supposed to be now:

New Middle Class or Working Class?

New Middle Class or Working Class?

The findings were presented in the journal Sociology Now.
1. THE ELITE – Percentage of population: Six –  Average age: 57 – Income is £89,000 and their home is worth an average of £325,000
2. ESTABLISHED MIDDLE CLASS – Percentage of population: 25 – Average age: 46 – Income of £47,000 a year, a house worth £177,000
3. TECHNICAL MIDDLE CLASS – Percentage of population: Six – Average age: 52 – Incomeof £38,000, houses worth an average of £163,000
4. NEW AFFLUENT WORKERS – Percentage of population: 15 – Average age: 44 – Young group on moderate incomes, home worth £129,000
5. TRADITIONAL WORKING CLASS – Percentage of population: 14 – Average age: 66 – £127,000 but with incomes of only £13,000
6 .EMERGENT SERVICE WORKERS – Percentage of population: 19 – Average age: 34 – Income of £21,000, likely to rent
7. THE PRECARIAT – Percentage of population: 15 – Average age: 50 The poorest class, with a household income of only £8,000, likely to rent.

New Middle class or Working Class?

New Affluent [Middle class] or Working Class?

Are we supposed to be grateful, to feel privileged that some of us are now considered middle class?  It is of course all bollocks, its unreal and divisive, its been devised to split the working class, with the so called Precariat [What pratt came up with that lovely word] at the bottom of the heap, the so called scroungers, the people who have children they can’t afford, the poorest and most in need, in fact are given a label that denigrates them, labels them as worthless. New Affluent Workers, please, we all know what we are, where we came from and what we want from society. The BBC came up with the above new class divisions. The Elite & Middle class again, trying to divide us, to use us. We are supposed to see the world as they want us to see it, not as it really is.

As a society, we are becoming less and less a meritocracy, ability is again becoming far less important than the school you went to or who your family knows. While the figures for this are undeniable and the proof is everywhere, you will still hear it denied time and time again. Journalism is just one example of this, but given the importance of an unbiased and impartial press to any true democracy, how is this representative of our country? How is this minority reporting and giving a fair picture of the UK?

This is such a sad fact, but explains, why poverty, homelessness, suicide, mental illness, child abuse by Tory MPs, social welfare cuts, health care cuts, disability cuts and all the other social injustice that happen in the UK are so under reported. If you came from a background, that had never known hunger, poverty or even god forbid, not being able to get my parents to buy me the latest mobile phone, why would I care? Why would I report the facts? People will kick and scream and say the above is not true, sadly its all too true.

One of the saddest facts is that we let them mock us, let them reduce our rights, we are told class is dead. Unions are demonised, after all look at the 1970’s, everything about the working class is reduced to ridicule, fear, hatred and worse. We hear constantly about people scrounging, about young working class violence, drinking, crime. The simple fact of being poor is enough to stamp you as second class. This is the reality of modern Britain, of a society that not only denies its poor but ridicules and lambasts them at every chance.

It IS time for change. Look at the graphic below to get an idea of how controlled our media is. Not only is it written by an elite [who will screech its not so] but its owned by an elite. This is just Murdoch, there are other press barons. The control of both assets and content of the media is the UK by the 7% who go to public school is frightening in its depth and utterly terrifying given that we as a country “think” our media is unbiased and free. We let this happen. Ultimately we are to blame. If we don’t care enough to want change, we don’t deserve change. We need a left, we need unions, we need rights, we need Corbyn and The Real Labour Party! Its time for major change, in the UK and the world.



QUOTE [Guardian]: “We have reached a position in which the working class do not even consider “the media” as a career possibility. Journalism has become a privilege that is open more or less exclusively to the middle classes. I note that the Press Gazette’s middle class editor, Dominic Ponsford, agrees.”

Journalism’s Elitism Problem | Dana Goldstein
“Britain’s elite: finished in Oxbridge’s dreaming spires:
75 per cent of senior judges, 59 per cent of the Cabinet, 57 per cent of Permanent Secretaries, 50 per cent of diplomats, 47 per cent of newspaper columnists, 44 per cent of public body chairs, 38 per cent of members of the House of Lords, 33 per cent of BBC executives, 33 per cent of the Shadow Cabinet, 24 per cent of MPs and 12 per cent of the Sunday Times Rich List attended Oxbridge – compared to less than 1 per cent of the public as a whole.” Gov.uk – PDF [Elitist Britain]
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