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The BBC and Its Biased Coverage or Non Coverage of Left Wing – Working Class Events

The BBC and Its Biased Coverage or Non Coverage of Left Wing – Working Class Events

BBC Bias – Hard to Keep Hidden

The BBC used to be unbiased, or even slightly left. Its now swung totally to the right. The head of the BBC is an ex banker and corporate CEO. This follows similar appointments after Chris Patten [Conservative MP and Peer]. Head of news is Levenson enquiry veteran, ex News International employee, ex editor of the Times, James Harding, who just happens to be best chums with George Osborne. [See Video of a very drugged Osborne in Parliament below]


How the BBC can call itself unbiased? Yes it used to be slightly left leaning, its reputation worldwide almost alone as a source of unbiased, uncensored news and truth. What happened? The BBC like all of the mainstream media in the UK, is now run by the old school tie network. A network of nepotism and patronage has spread throughout the BBC, killing and stifling the true reporting, the true mirror it once held up to the UK and the World.

I first noticed that there was little reporting about the demonstrations and marches taking place against the NHS Reform Act 2012. When I heard about the demonstration to Block the Bridge (Westminster Bridge was closed down to traffic), and that was not reported, I keyed in on my computer, “Is there censorship of the news about the NHS?”. I was really surprised to find so many people had been asking the same question. The most important changes have been taking place in the NHS since 1948 and yet there has been a paucity of information in the media. The BBC consistently fails to report even the biggest protests by the British people.

Their recent coverage or rather non coverage of protests, items of news about real working class problems show how deep the problem lies within the BBC. They have given themselves over to demonising the working class, to making shallow programs about tiny minorities who fit their stereotypical view of working class Britons.

When did the BBC last do a serious investigation into Tory paedophilia?
Into extreme poverty?
Into Homelessness and the scandal that is foodbanks.
Nothing, the BBC is silent.  But worse than just silenced, the BBC actively works for the Conservative Party, for the Elite and against the average Briton. Auntie is turning into Big Brother in many ways…..

List of BBC Trustees

– Rona Fairhead CBE – Chairman of the BBC Trust; former chief executive of the Financial Times Group
– Sir Roger Carr – Vice-Chairman of the BBC Trust; Chairman of BAE Systems
– Sonita Alleyne OBE – a former radio executive.
– Richard Ayre – former Deputy Chief Executive of BBC News.
– Mark Damazer CBE – Master of St Peter’s College, Oxford and former controller of BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 7.
– Mark Florman – the Trustee for England; co-founder and former CEO of the merchant banking group Maizels, Westerberg & Co.
– Bill Matthews – the Trustee for Scotland.
– Aideen McGinley OBE – the Trustee for Northern Ireland; a former NI civil servant.
– Nicholas Prettejohn – a senior City executive.
– Elan Closs Stephens CBE – the Trustee for Wales; a former chairman of Welsh-language broadcaster S4C.
– Suzanna Taverne – a former managing director of the British Museum.
– Lord Williams of Baglan – a former diplomat, appointed as International Trustee.

As you can see, a very unbiased group, with lots of left wing and working class members present. Like all media, its almost solely the realm of the old school tie network.


The BBC is full of political bias – The Guardian
To begin with there’s the BBC current political editor, Nick Robinson, who is about to swap his five minutes on the evening bulletins for three hours on the Today programme. Aeons ago Robinson was chairman of the Young Conservatives, a fact that much exercised Alastair Campbell when he was Labour’s director of communications, although I have to say as a viewer (and former colleague) I have always found Robinson’s reporting to be both insightful and scrupulously fair.
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So if Robinson is off the hook, how about the BBC journalist who gets the more political airtime than any other – Andrew Neil? He presents or co-presents five hours of television a week including This Week, the Daily Politics and Sunday Politics. Neil might be a penetrating interviewer exposing weaknesses in the arguments advanced by politicians of the left, right and centre but his past leans in one direction.

He is a former Rupert Murdoch editor, was a researcher for the Conservative party and is chairman of the Conservative-supporting Spectator magazine. He also stoutly argued his free market views at the Hayek lecture at the rightwing Institute of Economic Affairs in November 2005.

But the real worry for me lies behind the scenes where, many suggest, the real power lies. For it’s there we would have found Nick Robinson’s former senior producer, Thea Rogers, who left in 2012 to become special advisor to the chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne. Then there’s Robbie Gibb, the current excellent editor of all BBC TV’s political programmes In a former life he was a vice-chairman of the extreme rightwing Federation of Conservative Students and went on to become chief of staff to the senior Tory MP Francis Maude before joining the BBC.

Andrew Marr – Jeremy Corbyn interview Politics Home
The following by Lord Prescott, not one of my favourite people, in this instance ring very true! The interview of Jeremy Corbyn was aimed directly at belittling him and straight at Daily Mail readers. The BBC’s bias, is becoming harder and harder to hide. Once a bastion of freedom, now an ol boys network of nepotism and bias, the BBC is sadly diminished! “Here’s someone who is leading the debate by putting housing, social justice and equality right at the heart of our politics. “And how did Marr respond? By asking questions to get answers he hopes will be in tomorrow’s Daily Mail. “Why did he ask about Flying Pickets and the Falkland Islands? Are these really the big issues of today?

Our Media – Owned By The Elite – Written By The Elite – CLASS is BACK – 7% Rule OK



During the summer over 50,000 people signed a petition accusing the BBC of showing bias against Jeremy Corbyn. One major grievance was that presenters regularly referred to the Labour leader as ‘left wing’. While the corporation issued a statement at the time defending their coverage, it appears that even one of their own staff was left unhappy by their efforts.
Anti-Corbyn bias at the BBC – The Spectator