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Truly Scary Times To Be British – To Be Working Or Middle Class – We ARE PART OF EUROPE

Truly Scary Times To Be British – To Be Working Or Middle Class – We ARE PART OF EUROPE


I wrote the following after reading a post on Facebook, by a good friend of Mine called Shane. The very fact that his post caught my attention as something unusual, in itself says how low my expectations of the UK media and the English people have fallen.

Shane, is actually very rare. Most from the middle class, most even from the working class, do not see past the anti Corbyn lies and media hatred. Never has a leader been so harassed and misreported or lied about by the British media. Given their appalling record that is some achievement. They hate him, because he cares, because he stand for all the things you mention. In terms of wealth distribution, nothing has changed in the UK since medieval times. We just have more toys. The same amount own the same vast amounts of money and land. To all intents and purposes we are peasants to them.

I find it incredible that protests go unreported, that the BBC head of news make up stories about the Labour leader. The BBC was a bastion of freedom. Out of the entire UK media you have 3 newspapers reporting anything close to facts. Only the Guardian and Independent report anywhere near the truth. Even that is slanted at times. This government, forcing disabled people to work, to die while trying out for work. Our NHS, Our social welfare structure. Our nation, our freedoms are being destroyed by a government working solely for the elite. Our middle class is being destroyed, the working class demonised constantly as worthless. The socially needy thrown onto the streets.


Sometimes I actually despair of Britain and the English surviving, they pass illegal laws, laws that break human rights, they support the most intolerant inhuman regimes in the name of money. Our media is run by ex public [private schoolboys] 93% of journalists. The same media is owned by the most corrupt corporations in the world. Corbyn, Europe stand for hope. But most of the Morons, most of the sheople, will follow the media, believe the threat of immigration [used by the Nazis] and anyone wanting to take attention away from what is really happening. Laws that have stood for 400 years are being abrogated and the mother of all parliaments is being raped. Unless the British people wake up, unless they stand up, until people see what is really happening, the great, amazing country we grew up in will cease to exist, replaced by corporations, exploitation, hatred, fear, poverty and loss of any hope!

The picture top itself tells a story, these C**Ts who have done nothing for the country, they do nothing if it does not profit themselves, are for leaving the EU, they lead the exit campaign. This has to be the most untrustworthy group of people you can get. Galloway appeared on Syrian TV for Assad, supporting the Assad regime and got paid £80,000 for 6 appearances. He also got paid by Saddam for visit to Iraq. Andrew Marr in an interview, called Boris a “Nasty Piece of Work” for all the things he has done to his Eton buddies in the past. Farange needs nothing said at all, you all know what he stand for! You have to ask, what these utterly worthless politicians want? Simple, more power and more media cover. They care nothing for our country, way of life, poverty, people or rights. The do however care about George, Boris and Nige…….

But, the media drives the hatred, it feeds fear, it wants to take away hope. I have NEVER been so scared for my country as I am now.

– Shanes Post:

Shane Ruffell
11 hrs

I am not a Jeremy Corbyn fan, but he is right about what Cameron should have been talking about to our European Colleagues.

“He should have been talking to other European leaders about action to save our steel industry; about how to stop the spread of low pay and insecure jobs, and end the undercutting of wage rates and industry-wide agreements through the exploitation of migrant workers. He should have been focused on the scandal of the refugee camps in Calais and Dunkirk and how to deal with Europe’s migration crisis in an equitable way.”


I think with those 3 morons leading the exit campaign its pretty doomed. I think the UK is to scared to leave. Rightly so TBH. This govt strips away our rights, passes illegal laws, creates poverty, is selling the NHS, now Boris jumps ship and the Tories are split. Jeremy Corbyn is becoming more and more popular, despite the huge media hate campaign.
We have more Britons living in the EU than any other EU country. 2.5% of them claim benefits in their country of residency. This is far bigger than any migrants claiming benefits in the UK. What happens to them? People are not told these simple facts. These are from the UK consulate service, who says also that the total UK citizens holding UK passports living abroad is 13 Million. This is by far the biggest expat community living in the world of any EU country.
So how can we as a country possibly look at migrants with anything other than welcome? Its the oldest simplest trick, pick a minority, blame them for things being bad and people forget the real reasons. The referendum was forced on Cameron [Idiot Boy] and again takes attention away from the NHS, poverty, welfare cuts, child poverty, foodbanks etc. It took WW2 to bring free education, the NHS, a decent living welfare system. Its paid for by taxes, by NI payments, its not a luxury, its paid for, by the people who pay most tax in the UK, the working and middle classes.
We as a country, the UK, England, Scotland etc, need to focus on forcing change, getting together, creating a vocal opposition the media cannot ignore. We need the EU, for many things trade, borders, the human rights protection. We ARE part of Europe. The fact these 3 POS are leading the exit campaign speaks volumes.

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