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We have the BEST Labour leader in decades – Its Time To Make Britain Care Again

We have the BEST Labour leader in decades – Its Time To Make Britain Care Again
We have the BEST Labour leader in decades, in fact the best politician in decades and all the Media can do is try to shoot him down, even the tory parts of the Labour party try to get rid of him.
I was part of the Labour party when Thatcher was in power, I canvassed, leafleted, for years against the Tories. I left in disgust several years ago. I only recently rejoined the Labour party and only for one reason, with Corbyn I saw hope of getting back what we had in the 60s and 70s.
In the post WW2 years we had free and decent dental care, NHS, Welfare system, Housing, looking after the disabled, free 3rd tier education. This all started to be eroded in the 80s with Thatcher. It is not that it costs too much, its not that its not sustainable, in fact its better for the country to have educated people from all levels of society. Look at the housing situation post WW2, we had millions homeless, houses destroyed. [MUCH worse than now!] But we managed to rebuild and build a better country.
The only thing stopping us now are the elite, wanting to exploit the working class, take away freedoms, make as much money as possible and keep the poor in poverty. Foodbanks, homelessness is a crime, 9 million children without enough to eat every day. Almost £50,000 just to get an education, which you spend the next 20 years paying off. This is what the Tories have given us, this is what Thatcher has destroyed.

Marchers move to Trafalgar Square from Hyde Park in London, as the march organised by CND against the military strikes on Afghanistan gets under way. *...The rally was originally planned as part of the International Day of Protest to Stop the Militarisation of Space but organisers have put the strikes against Afghanistan at the top of their agenda.

We are the 5th richest country in the world, yet we have poverty, homelessness, all of the things I listed above.
Making Britain Great again is not about leaving the EU, its about Britain pulling together, about looking to the future. Helping and looking after each other. Not a look after no 1 imitation of the USA, but Britain as it was, as it should be!
Some industries need government money or running to actually run correctly, the Post Office is a great example., but so are the energy companies. Look at how prices have soared, despite oil and gas prices going down. Energy, Oil, Gas, Electricity has gone up. The consumer no longer matters, only the shareholders! THAT is why Corbyn is needed, why we need to rein in the corporations and the greed. Economists have been telling us for some time, pure capitalism is doomed, just as pure communism was doomed. We need the best of both.
We need a socialist Labour government, that cares about people, that understands the new world order and cares, truly cares about the majority of the population, not the tiny Elite!