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Totally Unbiased Information On EU Referendum – Various Sources – ALL LINKED – UNBIASED EU Information – It Is Out There

Totally Unbiased Information On EU Referendum – Various Sources – ALL LINKED – UNBIASED EU Information – It Is Out There


The EU Referendum – Facts – Lies and Damned Lies

The one thing that the EU Referendum has shown is that the Great British media cannot be trusted. With one or two exceptions there has been precious little information and fact that allows for decent unbiased information. We know the UK media is pretty awful at the best of times, but the referendum has shown even more how heavily biased the media are. The fact that so many in Journalism are from private schools [over 75%] has a profound effect on the British media. The Guardian has itself written about how this affects its own journalism and stories, it has taken steps to ensure more unbiased and more real coverage, which is very noticeable. While still far from perfect it is making the effort and this shows.

The same cannot be said for the rest of the mainstream media, the Sun, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Sky, The Times, in fact almost all the mainstream media are biased. Most who have read any of my articles will know that I am a left leaning liberal, in the real old sense of the word. But I am not dogmatic or politically correct. I think politically correct is the destroyer of fairness and decency, its the leader of the “king has no clothes” movement. You cannot speak the truth because its not PC. This is not freedom, this is not unbiased, this is at best mediocre thinking for mediocre minds.


Here in this article before I go off on a tangent I am going to post links to truly unbiased information about the Referendum and the facts behind all the headlines.  Unlike other sites, like Guido Fawkes, I am not going to say I am unbiased or I know everything. I have an opinion and belief, but that’s all it is, my opinion, my belief. Any who read my posts, again, know I am pro remain, that I think we need the EU, I will not lie. But in this post, I am giving purely the facts, from as many sources as I have been able to put together, just the facts, no slant, no hype, just sources of information so you, or anyone who needs to can make an informed choice, not one based on hype or rubbish from our beloved press. The sources are not funded by remain, leave., they are mostly education or charitable institutions that are looking at just the facts and present them as facts.

This will give you the chance to read and decide for yourself, this debate, if it can be called that has split every party, while the media hype about how awful the media has been, how awful both campaigns have been while at the same time supposing we are stupid enough not to notice they are part of the hype and the problem. For many no matter what the evidence their opinions will not change, this is not for you, this is for the young, the undecided, this who need decent unbiased information to make a good choice on what is for the UK one of the most important votes ever to take place.  Here then are several sources of totally unbiased and independent information, to allow you to make you mind up, free of hype, free of opinion. Just questions answered and facts stated. Enjoy and a huge thanks for these sites and resources, simply for being there, even if the media has tried to bury them!


We have now seen how twisted both the ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’ campaigns (with two in the latter camp) are about the EU. Here are 10 questions, answred fairly and without bias. There are a number of tough questions that both sides will have to answer, especially if they are to appeal to all-important swing voters in this referendum. So far, there have been too many clichés, dubious statistics and much preaching to the converted. It remains early days in the campaign, but below Open Europe lays out ten questions or issues which each side will have to answer or counter if they are to present a convincing and honest case.


***”Open Europe Today is the go-to source for real-time analysis on breaking European affairs, delivered by Our Experts as they unfold. We are a non-partisan and independent policy think tank, committed to crafting and putting into action solutions to the European Union’s most pressing challenges. Open Europe will remain neutral in the EU Referendum campaign, confining ourselves to commenting as accurately as we can on the arguments and facts advanced on both sides of the debate.”



Open Europe poses ten questions for the EU referendum Remain and Leave campaigns

Well worth reading it sets out where we stand and what the consequences are and answers ten of the toughest questions posed to both sides. A wealth of information, provided by unbiased and fiercely independent academics. It answers many questions, warts and all, well worth a read for actual information and facts and as stated unbiased. I know hard to believe!





EU Referendum: Everything you need to know – Kings College London

The authoritative source for independent research on UK-EU relations” QUOTE: “The public have a number of significant misperceptions about the EU and how it affects life in the UK, new research by UK in a Changing Europe and Ipsos MORI shows.

We get some things right, but we’re more often very wrong on some of the key issues fundamental to the debate – including immigration, Britain’s contribution to the EU budget, the amount of Child Benefit that goes abroad and investment into the UK.

A large amount of good information, links to other sources and articles by leaders in relevant fields.


Full Fact fact-checking the EU referendum.- Whichever side you end up on, get the facts.

About FullFact Org

We’re independent of government, political parties and the media. We’ve been quoted by politicians on all sides and corrected people on all sides.
We don’t support any view or political party and have rigorous safeguards in place at every level of our organisation to protect our neutrality.

The Electoral Commission’s EU Referendum Voting Guide has been delivered to households this week. Each campaign gets one page to make their case. We’ve checked their claims. Click on one of the official campaign logos to get started.


A very good site at Full Fact Org. It has a huge volume of information, is totally unbiased as all other sites listed here. It has detailed information or synopsis of each large post. It also takes on every claim from both sides and checks it aginst reality and the facts. If you want to make an informed choice instead of just “I know I am right” type choice or simply want the truth, this and the other sites are what you need. FFO is great in that its layout is better than some of the other sites!



38 Degrees Org EU Referendum: let’s get the facts

Our country has a huge decision to make: whether to stay in or leave the EU. But right now, the people dominating the debate all have an agenda – from politicians looking to score points off each other, to newspapers trying to tell us which way to vote. If we want to cast an informed vote, we need answers – and we know that political parties or media barons like Rupert Murdoch aren’t going to give them to us. So let’s find the facts ourselves.

EU Referendum: let’s get the facts

While 38 degrees got its reputation a bit tarnished earlier in the year by removing the Sack Laura Kuenssberg [for Bias – from the BBC] after claims of non existent sexist posts in the petition, it has put together a good and unbiased set of facts. Not the best to navigate, but it is not slanted either way.




FullFact.Org The UK’s independent, fact checking charity – EU Referendum


The UK Government Referendum Site

Open Europe – yyyy
The Guardian – Links and Posts listing places to go for information.


http://www.eureferendumfacts.co.uk/  – ER Referndum Facts

http://www.economist.com/ – The Economist

38 Degrees – EU Referendum – Unbiased information

*** – All wording in Italics taken from the sites in question to show what they are presenting.