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Ashamed of being English, Ashamed of my People, Disgusted by UKIP’s Racist Driven Paranoia and Lies

Ashamed of being English, Ashamed of my People, Disgusted by UKIP’s Racist Driven Paranoia and Lies

Ashamed of being English, Ashamed of my People, disgusted by UKIP’s Racist Driven Paranoia and Lies

First, part of an old article I posted a few months ago. “This article is about something that happened to me this morning. Please bear with me, I am not a Journalist by profession, I design computer games. I do however after 35 years of activism, think I know UK history and politics fairly well, am well read and educated. I am in Ireland at the moment, this morning I was talking to some Polish and Lithuanian guys. I have known them for several years. One recently got a promotion to managership of a retail outlet in the UK. He was so pleased, so happy with the promotion and going back to England.

He went to the UK and less than 12 months later, he is back working at a much lower paid job. Why? Why is he back with his family, he had worked in England before for several years. He is back as foreign workers are not welcome in England. This is not just abuse, he said he was used to that, but threats, fear, intimidation. What has happened to our Country? That foreign workers leave in fear!

Frankly this disgusts me, it makes ashamed of being English, ashamed of being from the UK. In the 90s I was in the Anti Nazi League, I marched against these heroes when they were the NF and BNP. Amazing how these skinhead thugs, so tough in a game run like hell when confronted with an equal number of opponents. As always the far right, like all fringe or radical movements, religious or secular are bullies and cowards. They are great and very brave, beating up or intimidating families or small groups, with spraying walls or petrol bombing, but real opposition, the run and hide. .

The Lies and Fear – Hatred and Xenophobia

Brexit and UKIP are making the UK into a place I no longer recognise, a place ruled by hatred and bullying, of picking on people, because of perceived differences and race. Links to articles like this “The truth about the late Jo Cox MP and her husband, Brendan” are appearing, smearing the Late Jo Cox and her husband. Another article, Jo Cox and the Liberal Elite. It seems Jo was not interested in English people only refugees and every refugee is a paedophile simply by being an immigrant. These people are utterly deluded, they live in a fantasy of being downtrodden white people. The only downtrodden white people being pushed into poverty are being pushed by the far right, the Tory parties far right [IDS/Johnson/Gove etc etc] The NHS is only under threat because of people like Farange and Gove who want to privatise it.Have people forgotten IDS and the bedroom tax, the sanctions against disabled people? What is wrong with these people, are they blind to the kind of people running Brexit?

Colour chart to decide if he is mentally ill or a right wing terrorist. By Colour.......

Colour chart to decide if he is mentally ill or a right wing terrorist. By Colour…….

These so called patriots, so called English people are a disgrace and should be locked away and their pathetic movements like the EDL/BF/BNP/UKIP made illegal. Just reading through some of the facebook group’s these scum belong to, shows what they are, shows what they think.

Quotes from Facebook:
Charles  If the Royal Navy tactically bombarded Calais this crisis would be over in an hour and we would not suffer the social, financial and criminal burdens of these people.
Remove women and kids then strafe the camps with 30mm from a few Apache gunships. Problem solved. [Calais Refugees]
Paul  Every ponces and there family headed for an island ! This is genocide of white people !!!  If you was to force white immigration on let’s say Africa and give the White people the houses jobs it would demographically genocide or ethnic cleansing !!!
Paul  Channel tunnel . Yes . It’s s breading programme out bread is no need to fight . But in my opinion holy war will start . Due to a main fact Solomon temple will be rebuilt but first the mosque which now stand on Solomon temple will have to come down and isreal/ Britain will rebuild it . How do you think the Muslim will feel about this ? !!!

The above are just a tiny fraction of these kind of comments all over political groups and pro Brexit groups. But you still hear Farange say that UKIP and Brexit are not racially motivated, are not racist, are just good English people! NO. This is not the Britain and England I grew up in. UKIP is turning racism and violence into something that is OK. IT ISN’T. Brexit has pushed migration which won’t change anytime soon after Brexit into the limelight. The UK I grew up in was tolerant, was a place that welcomed diversity, that knew the value of people. The racists have always been there, but UKIP/Brexit are bringing them and their violence out, making it mainstream.  As a country on the 23rd we have to show we are better than this, that we are part of Europe, not some racist backwater. We have to show that we as a country are part of Europe, as in WW2. We stand together. The lies that UKIP peddle and they are lies,  are a causing hatred, violence and the vilification of minorities. This is not the UK, this is not the vision that any sane person wants for the future. Oh for all who say this is just recanting old views, that its not factual. At the bottom of the page is a link to totally unbiased information about the Referendum. The truth is the views are new, but the problem is both old and new. The fact that racism seems to be ok, if you support UKIP is not OK.

A quote from a Britain First leaflet “They think they can get away with ruining our country, turning us into a Third World country, giving away our homes, jobs and heritage, but they will face the wrath of the Britain First movement, make no mistake about it! We will not rest until every traitor is punished for their crimes against our country. And by punished, I mean good old fashioned British justice at the end of a rope! ”



Farange and his Nazi Replica Poster
Instead of whining and complaining he’s been picked on, Farage should apologise and scrap his disgusting “Breaking Point” refugee posters – especially when the unfortunates pictured were neither in nor heading for Britain and never could, so long as we stay in the European Union . Venom-filled, rabble-rousing, trouble-stirring Nigel Farage playing the victim is deluded self-pity from a political leader either ignorant or in denial about the dangerous results of his spiteful bile.

The Tory/UKIP-dominated Leave plot to drag Britain out of Europe is in turmoil, with senior figures blaming each other for shameful, anti-migrant­ propaganda­ which critics say echoes 1930s Nazi demonisation of minorities.


Labour has a leader, the best leader in decades! We need to support him, show the Labour party that without Corbyn they are lost. Corbyn understands the people, he understands their concerns, worries, fears. This is why there is such a huge media campaign out there, trying to kill this support, to destroy the rapport Corbyn has with the grass-roots working class people, by raising the old spectre of Migration, of fear and hatred. This is one of the reasons why UKIP has thrived. the revival of the old bogey man of migration and hatred.
Don’t they make you so proud to be English or British? Its a bit unfair to take the piss out of unarmed people really. After all, these people have concerns, but are being turned from their concerns over housing, healthcare, work, welfare by the Tory, Elitist media. What does our media show time after time? What apart from its endless tirade against Corbyn, do they show? Stories about migrants, how people are scared of migrants taking jobs, blowing things up, endless streams of migrants from all across Europe, which in fact never happen.


Brave NF/EDL/BF/BNP Heroes

England, the UK has always been a country of migrants. Going back 2 thousand years, Romans, Picts, Anglo Saxons, Franks, Normans, Vikings, Jews, Celts, Germans etc etc. We are a truly migrant nation, far more so than France or Germany. Our empire also brought a huge influx of foreign blood to the UK. Migration is a good thing. There are millions of Britons living abroad, are they molested, abused, threatened? Why has this become such an issue in the UK? We have REAL concerns, that MATTER, healthcare, social welfare, pensions, looking after those who are ill or disabled, our poor, those in true poverty. The fact that this Tory government keeps passing laws that restrict fundamental freedoms, freedoms enshrined for hundreds of years, freedom to protest injustice, poverty, inequity. Under the Tories we have food banks, thousands of children homeless, disabled people told to look for work, our very class attacked as scrounging wasters.

CCTV of Amanda Lowe in a racist attack

CCTV of Amanda Lowe in a racist attack

But what do our media feed us? The truth about our government? The truth about Tory paedophilia? About illegal laws? Poverty? Protests? The dismantling of our health and social care systems, not enough homes? No, we hear about migrants taking jobs, about migrants raping people, getting benefits, being drug dealers and criminals. All of which is of course total bollocks. Migrants are far less likely to ever use benefits, they work harder than non migrants, are less likely to be involved in crime. So why all the hate, we are English, British, we have always been proud of our tolerance, renowned for it. Its the media that’s demonising us and migrants, taking our minds away from the real issues, the real things the Tories are doing, by getting us to fear the unreal, by creating fake issues. Yes Islamic migrants are a worry, but Islam has to sort its own problems out, not us. As for the majority of racists attacks being on white Europeans, this is shameful and utterly disgusting, all racism is awful, every incident, but the fact its increasing so dramatically and involving other Europeans as well as Blacks and Asians, is beyond belief. The EU is not to blame for poverty, the Tories are, if you want to hand Britain over to the right wing, to UKIP and the far right Tories, Brexit is for you. I want something better, I want change, I want us to move forward together with Europe as part of Europe. We fought against Nazism once, this is closer but no less invidious. We have a choice all of us, we need to make sure we do not give in to Farange and his ilk, to hatred and violence.
This needs to stop, we need to stand up and fight this, like all the rest of the rubbish served up by the Tory lackeys, the media, we need to stand together, to fight for what’s right, what’s British, what’s justice. Stand together to stop these racist attacks, these scum so easily influenced by the media to hatred. Stand up, be counted, this is not Englism Sottish, Irish, Welsh, its not British! We are not intolerant, racist, we need to stand together to fight this and all the other injustices brought on us by the Tories. Support Jeremy Corbyn, support peace, care and justice! THAT is the British way!
 We Used to CARE
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