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Brexit – The Destruction of the British Working Class – Media Driven Hate and Division

Brexit – The Destruction of the British Working Class – Media Driven Hate and Division

What does Brexit really mean, the facts and figures, the answers, some or most of them are easily available despite the awful campaigns of both sides. there are links at the bottom of the article that show numerous sources of unbiased information, with the truth about many questions raised by Brexit.After WW2, there was a big movement for equality, men who had fought side by side from differing classes, suffered the same risks lost friends and family, felt that Britain the UK should be a fairer place. This was the start, the real start of major social change in the UK. The NHS, Social Welfare, Housing, looking after the disadvantaged and poverty stricken, free education for all [complete to University]. In many ways the change was possible because the working class had found their voice, their worth. If you look back at Wilson and other politicians you see a huge record of change and reform for the working class. There was an air that change was finally possible, that things could be better. The history is too much to go into in a short article but the 30 years post WW2 made huge inroads into inequality and poverty in the UK. Colleges, workers rights bills, racism and so many other things were brought into law, protecting people, making the UK a fairer place. This was the UK I grew up in. It ws far from perfect and people were still poor, but in comparison to previous decades it was so much better.

I grew up in a working class family, we had TV, enough to eat, my parents bought their house, then moved to the country. I was a 4th generation carpenter, my folks originally from Suffolk and Newcastle further back Scotland Wales and Ireland. there was an air that anything really was possible if you worked. That we were all equal, class was much less than anything in the past.

In the late 70’s – 1980s, the Tories got elected under Thatcher, things started to change rapidly and have been changing back to class, to privilege and the elite ever since. The current Tory government makes Thatcher seem tame by comparison, but only because she had to remove so much in the way of workers rights and Welfare, the NHS and much more. Cameron and the Tories are no longer so fettered and they dare far more. Brexit is a fake movement of the people, no movement is led by the establishment. if you support Brexit and are expecting change for the better post Brexit, you are going to be hugely let down. The only part of Brexit that is aimed at the working class is the rhetoric. Once we are out, you will have done your part and the UK will be free for exploitation. Brexit talks about EU red Tape, that would be workers rights and other laws we have under EU law, on top of our rights under UK law. Somehow this is seen as bad by Brexit? Once you have voted, your part will be done and you will not be needed any more. There will be no change in migration, no change in most things. But some things will change, workers will have less rights. We will move further to the right, poverty will get worse, science, education and many other things will get worse. NOTHING will be done for the working class. You will be even less protected post Brexit than now.  The Tories will have a totally free hand to do what they have been doing, but unchecked. Changes in constituency boundaries, more destruction of welfare, of workers rights.

If you think things are bad or have been bad, they will become far worse. This is literally letting the Tories off the lead. The UK is the 5th richest country in the world, this could be used to our benefit, we currently have less hospital beds per capita than Romania 200 for the UK – 600 for Romania. Germany has 800 and France 700 per capita. Why the huge difference? The difference is we keep electing who our elite driven media tell us too. Just like people are now going to vote for Brexit because that same media is saying to do so. the funny thing is they think they are making a difference, making a change, that “THEY” chose to vote Brexit all on their own, with noting to do with a bombardment of rhetoric and Pro Brexit propaganda from most of the UK’s elite driven media.

If any of you wanted the debate at Wembley last night, you would have noticed a big difference between the two sides, one used facts, figures, the fact that every county wants us in the EU from Australia, the USA, India and so many others. Facts, Brexit doesn’t like facts. I heard at almost every question asked of them “take back control” Brexit don’t like facts, most facts they have provided have been proved lies, half truths or simply made up. Turkey is a classic example. Turkey cannot become an EU member state for at least 50 years. It has far too many problems in many areas, not least human rights. The UK also has a veto as do 27 other countries. THAT is democracy. Make no mistake this vote is the most important in a generation and will determine the future of the UK, even if there is a UK as Northern Ireland and Scotland have said the will vote for independence as will eventually Wales. The UK as we know it will cease to be. England will be a pathetic outsider with a population ground down in poverty. From being a powerful voice within Europe we will be a country forever under Tory rule and isolated. It may be hard for people to see, but part of the appeal the UK has at the moment is its very membership of Europe. There have been warnings from industry, science, economists, almost everyone who cares about the UK knows that our future is within the EU, making changes and being heard, not the isolated country, slowly dying and shrinking. Brexit is about enabling the Tory party and exploiting the working class. It is a fake movement, not of the people, but leading the people!

The biggest things that anyone needs to understand is that Brexit is driven by the Right. The Far Right of nationalist parties like the old NF, the BNP, Britain First, that it is driven by Ex Tories masquerading as a “new” party that is UKIP. I find Farange and his kind beyond contempt, a Tory for most of his life, starting his own party because the right wing of the Tory party was not far enough right for him. UKIP are TORY, its as simple as that. If you think that revolutions for the people are led by his kind and media such as the Telegraph, the Mail, Sun, Sky, Murdoch, Express, then you are not familiar with movements driven by people.

England, the UK has always been a country of migrants. Going back 2 thousand years, Romans, Picts, Anglo Saxons, Franks, Normans, Vikings, Jews, Celts, Germans etc etc. We are a truly migrant/mongrel nation, far more so than France or Germany. Our empire also brought a huge influx of foreign blood to the UK. Migration is a good thing. There are millions of Britons living abroad, are they molested, abused, threatened? Why has this become such an issue in the UK? We have REAL concerns, that MATTER, healthcare, social welfare, pensions, looking after those who are ill or disabled, our poor, those in true poverty. The fact that this Tory government keeps passing laws that restrict fundamental freedoms, freedoms enshrined for hundreds of years, freedom to protest injustice, poverty, inequity. Under the Tories we have food banks, thousands of children homeless, disabled people told to look for work, our very class attacked as scrounging wasters.

(FILE) Ahead of next years general election in the UK, Nigel Farage has been invited to debate on broadcasted on TV with David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg which will air reportedly air on The BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. SHEFFIELD, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 22: A defaced UKIP poster showing the faces of Nigel Farage, David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg on May 22, 2014 in Sheffield, England. Voters across Europe are taking to the polls to vote in the elections for the European Parliament as well as local council elections in England and Northern Ireland. (Photo by Dave Thompson/Getty Images)

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